Recording in Riga

They started the recording in riga about a year ago. The whole band spent two weeks in the studio, where they live recorded the fundamentals for the coming album. The album have been an ongoing project since Riga.

Ovation have toured Norway and Sweden for about two years. They released the single “Shine” in 2005. And now they’ve been recording an album in Latvia, at Sound Division, located in Riga. The album is now being mixed by the producer Andreas Eide and will soon be ready...

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Andreas Eide (the producer) and Philip Mohn (Guitarist and Pianist) behind the beautiful SSL console at Sound Division, in Riga.


  1. Lead Vocal: Stian Sætermo

  2. Guitar, Vocals: Tony-Andre Hansen

  3. Bass, Vocals: Raymond Hansen

  4. Lead Guitar, Piano: Philip Mohn

  5. Drums: Boss Næss

   Producer: Andreas Eide

Raymond Hansen (Bass). Satisfied man behind the rack.

Raymond Hansen

got a studio at his place in Larvik. Thats where they finished the recording of vocals, some guitars and bass. Producer Eide is now in the finishing phase and we’re looking forward to se the results. From what we’ve heard so far it’s a strong POP album coming-up, be ready...