Paint the Lily:

The title it self explains a lot about the album and why it took awhile for Philip to record this one album. He’s been living in the studio for a year. He’s written, recorded and produced all the songs him self. It’s sophisticated pop rock with a touch of the so called retro sound, thats what it is, something for everyone, not hard, not soft, it’s music!

It’s a killer album from the up and coming norwegian artist Philip Mohn. Check it out!



2.Their Play

3.You’ve been around


5.Less is More

6.Paint the Lily

7.Only Reason


9.Yellow Light Girl


  1. Johannes Groth

  2. Per Eriksen

  3. Sverre Dæhli

  4. Olaf Haugan

  5. Freddy (from Freddy and the casuals)

  6. Hilde Dahl

  7. Simen Hatlo

  8. Caroline Mohn

About time!! Some would say.. And yes, it took some time to record this album.. Many musicians involved and a lot of pieces to fall in place. But now finally, in the first half of 2009 “Paint the Lily” is gonna be in store...

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